It's important to be connected and we value each of our connections as outlined below:


We enjoy good relationships with ministers and their flocks in the town. Specifically we have been able to serve the church in the town by providing worship bands for various inter-church events, as well as town-wide Christian Aid events. Some of our people attend the regular 'Prayers across North Berwick' prayer times held in St Andrew Blackadder church. We appreciate the traditions and gifts of the other congregations in the town and pray for their success.


The Network is a grouping of church leaders who connect with other leaders in the nation with partnership in mind. The Network comprises various leaders from a rich variety of theological background and emphases; a common thread however would be a commitment to the present day work of the Holy Spirit, a Christ-centred theology and a commitment to mission. As a Fellowship we enjoy teaching and preaching input from leaders in the Network, but we also contribute to the Network in terms of worship and finances. Bill leads the East Hub, a monthly gathering of leaders who share lunch, pray and share scripture together. See


Along with many other churches in central Scotland, we enjoy partnering with BCT. Our Bethany Van team visit Edinburgh on a monthly basis and deliver food, refreshments and kindness to those who are on the street. Over the years we've grown the habit of having a yearly offering for BCT, specifically for the Bethany Night Shelter which provides a bed and warmth to those who would otherwise sleep in doorways or graveyards. A common misconception is that those who find themselves on the street are there because of drugs or alcohol abuse. That is not the case and BCT demonstrates a non-judgmental, compassionate attitude towards each individual. Mark and Cindy Dean are the BCT co-ordinators for the Fellowship.


Compassion UK is a Christian Charity which serves children across the globe, taking care of their physical and spiritual needs via child sponsorship. Jenny Hepburn is our Compassion representative and a number of individuals in the Fellowship are supporters.

Compassion UK is passionate about empowering all children to overcome the obstacles poverty puts in their way. 'Our approach to fighting poverty is highly focused and personal. It's summed up in three simple words: Compassion for children. We show every child they matter, linking them with one sponsor whose support gives them a hope and a future. At our heart is a relentless passion to act on our compassion and empower every child left vulnerable by poverty. For 66 years, we've been giving children the opportunity to escape the suffering and fear poverty brings. We're right with you in believing every child matters.'


We have a long standing relationship with Dr Jan White a former GP in Witney but who currently works in and around Mbale in Uganda. Jan provides care at various levels and has a clear Christian ethic at the foundation of all she does. JOY Hospice and Buwasunguyi Clinic are in eastern Uganda; JOY Hospice is in the town of Mbale and Buwasunguyi Clinic is about 45 minutes by road outside of Mbale. They have been established by Dr Jan White since 1998 and are run by her, with a staff of about 30 (both full-time and part-time). Dr Jan has been working as a medical missionary in East Africa for over 22 years. She works under the support and direction of Deliverance Church Medical Services (a ministry of Deliverance Churches of Uganda).


We support a couple who live in Western China. We've been supporting them for years as they seek to spread the good news to various minority groups in China.


Bill is the S1 Chaplain and takes assemblies 4 times a year.


We're based in a lovely coastal town on Scotland's east coast and draw people from wider East Lothian as well as the town itself.

If this is your first visit to the site you are probably interested in our Sunday service. We meet each Sunday at 10.30am at North Berwick High School, 231 Grange Road, North Berwick, EH39 4QS.

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